Thank you very much LSI

This is my first and last blog in English 😉

I just wanted to say a big big THANK YOU to all of LSI. It was so great to stay with you for the last 2 weeks.Thank you Angela,Carolina, Andrew and Hannah!

My lovely flatmumThanks for having me and especially thanks for taking care so much for me. I felt like the Queen at LSI… Thank you for being so nice with me!

It was really a great experience for me to turn as a student again. I would love to stay longer and spend more time at the school and with you. I will miss LSI and the nice and charming staff a lot! You really have a great school, very nice teachers and very adorable staff. I would definitely recommend LSI Portsmouth to everybody.

Thank you very much! I hope to see you soon!!!

Angela Evans


Bester Anbieter von Sprachreisen

Bester Anbieter für Sprachreisen

Ein Sprachaufenthalt ist eine grossartige Möglichkeit, eine neue Sprache zu lernen und gleichzeitig ein neues Land
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Spanisch vs. Portugiesisch

Wer wollte schon immer mal einen Sprachaufenthalt machen um die spanische oder portugiesische Sprache zu
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Mexiko – Im Land der Mayakultur Spanisch lernen

Die Halbinsel Yucatán ist das beliebteste Reiseziel in Mexiko. Mich überrascht das nicht, denn dort
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